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I refine your ideas and make content to engage your audience.

Eric Paoli Infanzón is a Chicago based designer specializing in animation and video content.

I’m a designer specializing in animation and video content. I want to help you  increase awareness and foster growth with strong visual experiences for your audience. My work includes social video, animated explainers, broadcast graphics for state and national campaigns, presentation, and event videos.

Available for contract, and retainer opportunities.

Recent Work

Time Crystals

Design / Illustration

Day Without a Woman

Animation / Illustration / Motion Graphics

Venus Got Hungry

Animation / Illustration


Animation / Illustration

Bridge Builders


The Vagaries of Time


The Process

  • Concept

    We explore the idea of your project, and elaborate upon it. We define our criteria for success.

  • Design & Development

    We develop the idea by creating sketches, mock-ups, and other assets to help choose the definitive design for the project.

  • Production

    The doing phase. We build the final product.

  • Evaluation

    The result is evaluated according to the list of requirements and criteria established during the concept phase.

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